Herbal Massages

Massage relieving stress via absorption of oils through body pores.

(a)Head Massage - To relieve stress, hair fall and relaxation.
(b)Facial Massage - Relaxation and Rejuvenation.
(c) Synchronal Body Massage - Two therapists work on guest's muscle tone via oil absorption.
(d) Foot Massage - Relax and Rejuvenation via the science of pressure points to relieve stress.

Herbal Baths

Opens pores and absorbs various herbs giving mind and body relaxation.

(a)Herbal Bath - Bath using various local medicinal ingredients such as venivel gata, saffron, Khomba, Sandalwood, Bark of the bellie tree.
(b)Flower Bath - Mental rejuvenation via fragrant aromatic herbs in the bath.

Others Massages

(a) Shirovasthi - The procedure where medicated oil is retained on the head for a prescribed period. This oil is a prepared mixture of carefully selected herbal oils, curd, sandalwood powder, common milk, and various medicated herbs, etc. There are special ways and methods in which the herbs and oils are boiled in order to extract their full medicinal properties.
(b)Pichu - Hot oil massage to reduce friction in stiff muscles and joints by continuously heating the oils applied.
(c)Katevasthi - Hot oil massage for the back.
(d)Akshithapara - Ulundu flour is used for muscle toning.


The Ayurveda centre has yoga classes daily in the mornings for guests at beginners and advanced levels. Yoga is one of the key elements in Ayurveda's approach to healthy living. The practice of asanas, yoga postures stimulates and enhances the purification and rejuvenation process by creating a harmonious flow of prana, vital energy, throughout the body. The yoga and Ayurveda lessons will usually be integrated, so that you will be able to learn how to use the asanas to balance your doshas. It not only deals with the physiological processes but also reaches the psychological, emotional, and spiritual levels through the use of healing affirmations, and energy revitalizing exercises, which help to uplift your consciousness.


Guests can learn the art of meditation for those who are beginners and others may advance their practice of meditation at the Muthumuni Ayurveda centre.


Needle therapy is available as a treatment for muscle and joint stiffness. Also recommended for guests with Arthritis and Obesity.

Food Chart

All guests are given a tailor-made food chart before they leave the resort so they may continue the holistic diet as a lifestyle rather than simply a holiday package. Guests also take back a variety of herbal teas.

Herbal Teas

There are a wide spectrum of flavours to choose from our menu to suit your mood and senses.
(a)Watha Tea - A mild flavor of dried Bellie tree leaves and Ada thoda
(b)Kapa Tea - A stronger option including Pipplaee,Green Chillies, Ginger, Lemon and Gotukola
(c)Pitha Tea - A moderate flavor consisting of Iramusu, Aatha Waari, Gotukola.

Gynecology - Related Issues

We offer a variety of options to guests who arrive with gynecological problems as well. Our qualified Ayurveda experts assess and advice guests to experience relevant Ayurveda treatments for their individual issues.